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In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Islam is a monotheistic religion in the true sense of the word. It is the youngest of the three revealed religions that God, the All-Powerful, sent down to all mankind. Islamic religion represents the undistorted and the final version of the same Eternal Truth concerning the Unity and the Absolute Authority of the One and Only, All-Powerful God.  

Islam is a universal religion and today it is the fastest growing faith in the world. Only about 18% of Muslims live in Arab countries. Islam is a majority religion and a complete way of life in 44 countries of the world, and there are large Muslim communities on all continents, including Europe and the Americas.

Today we are witnessing an ongoing process of globalization, which has its positive as well as negative aspects. This irreversible process affects all walks of human life. Among the characteristics of this phenomenon are the rapid and intensive migration of people, the exchange of ideas, the weakening of the relevance of national borders, and the better access to other cultures and value systems. 

Since the last couple decades of the 20th century one can observe a clear return of the significant portion of the world’s population to spiritual values. This phenomenon, which may be labeled as post-materialism, has intensified after the failure of the communist ideology and after the fall of the so-called iron curtain. During the reign of the communist regime, people experienced a great number of disappointments and tasted first-hand the terrible consequences of an ideology, that had tried unsuccessfully to replace God.

The unfortunate events that had taken place in the last couple of years have once again brought the world’s attention on Muslims and their religion. Certain groups, especially the media, have been trying very hard to use the general atmosphere of fear and distrust that they present in the world today to their advantage. It is partly due to this fact that today we often see people associating Islam with violence, and that we observe an atmosphere of constant tension and abundance of misinformation regarding Islam and Muslims.

In this light, our aims are as follows:  

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